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Toman Die casting Queensland P/L has been operating since 1984. 

An Australian owned company, Cathodic Diecasting specializes in the manufacture and supply of anodes to the corrosion protection and plating industries. Our anodes range from large anodes for oil rig platforms down to anodes for cray/crab pots. We supply anodes for ships, yachts, marine motors, tanks, hot water systems, etc. and all are available in either Aluminium, Zinc or Magnesium.

Our Commitment to Quality
Cathodic Diecasting is committed to providing our customers with anodes of the highest quality. Our staff has a full understanding of the specialized nature of our products and the need for absolute attention to detail to ensure that our products meet these high standards.
Quality control
Standard operating procedures are employed in the production of our anodes and only the highest quality raw materials are purchased from ISO 9002 certified suppliers who can meet our demands for quality. Regular in-house laboratory checking with our Optical Emission Spectrometer ensures that all castings conform to the required analysis or chemical specification. 
Quality assurance 
Our practices and procedures follow the guidelines of the ISO 9002 quality system for manufacturing. All anodes produced to comply with specifications detailed in Australian Standard 2239-2003, Galvanic (Sacrificial) Anodes for Cathodic Protection and N.A.C.E. standard RPO387-99.  Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for cast galvanic anodes for offshore applications. 
Our Zinc anodes also conform to the U.S. Military Specification MIL-A-18001 K for chemical composition, recognized as the world standard for anode quality.
Where possible, every anode is stamped with a heat number identification, allowing complete traceability throughout the manufacturing process. Computer generated heat logs detail accurate alloy batches to ensure continuity in our process. Certificates of Analysis are available on request with any purchase order.
Assistance and after sales.
Our staff includes an engineer, a metallurgist, and highly skilled tradespeople who collectively have over 50 years of experience in the casting industry. Our subcontractors include corrosion (chemical) engineers, drafting, patternmaking, founding, and general engineers.
Cathodic Diecasting Qld P/L is affiliated with the following organizations:
Australasian Corrosion Association 
Standards Australia
Australian Industry Group
Australian Diecasting Association